Sitting at His Feet

“They came to Jesus and found the man the demons had departed from, 

sitting at Jesus’ feet, dressed and in his right mind.”  

Luke 8:35

Have you ever sat quietly at someone’s feet?  It’s been a very rare occurrence for me. 

But recently, I was out with our lambs, sitting on the weathered old chair we leave out there. Simply listening to the quiet. . . feeling the warmth of the sunshine…and soaking in the stillness.  The lambs were quietly grazing and munching the grass, and I was enjoying the scene, thinking my own thoughts.

Then, I realized that “my” little Easter lamb had quietly made her way to where I was sitting, finding grass to munch around my feet.  As she quietly bit off each bit of grass, she chewed for a few moments and then took the next bite. All the while, she was staying within arm’s reach, and I would rub her soft ears and the tightly matted black fur of her head.  At times our eyes would meet.  In those quiet moments, I was softly touched by her choice to graze so near to me.  

And I wondered . . . is this how my Good Shepherd feels when I simply come near, right up to His Feet, and choose to stay awhile?  No words necessary.  Just to be near.  . . within arms’ reach . . . for a while.  

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