Janet Lenz

Janet L Lenz

Born in Everett Washington in 1955 into a pastor’s family, Janet grew up in the ministry and church world, involved in many aspects of church ministry.

Janet married Bill Lenz in 1981, together they established Solid Rock Outreach, reaching out to young people on the streets of Appleton, Wisconsin. Janet and Bill founded Christ The Rock Church in 1982, focusing on following up with the many people who were coming to Christ and needing discipling.

Janet Lenz

As Founder and Director of Not Forgotten International, a 501c3 organization established in 2008, she has been primarily involved in outreach of the Saharawi refugees in Algeria since 1999. Janet serves as the Petitioner on behalf of the Saharawi people for the United Nations, Fourth Committee. Janet  founded International Faith and Peace Dialogue in 2006. Annual government-sanctioned dialogues are held in the Saharawi Refugee Camps each fall with international participants from many nations.

Janet is the mother of three sons and grandmother of 11 (as of 2017). Janet loves creative arts, including music, art, gardening and writing.




Thank you for your on-going interest and support for me and the work I have been leading in the desert refugee camps. Your encouragement and financial support has been deeply meaningful to me, especially in this past year.  

Concerning financial accountability for the ministry, I have come under a 501c3 organization led by close friends and colleagues for the past 35 years. If God has put my desert work on your heart to support, you can send tax deductible financial support in this way:

EEO, Inc.

P.O.Box 7559

Pueblo West, CO 81007

Checks can be made out to EEO; please indicate in a seperate note that the gift is for the ministry of Janet Lenz.

EEO’s website is at www.eeoinc.org.



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