What Are You Worried About?

“Let go of your concerns! 

Then you will know that I am God. 

I rule the nations.

 I rule the earth.”  

I am a worrier.  But I used to be worse.

I remember watching a kid who was so worried that he might have to share one of his toys with another child.  Each time his little visiting  friend reached for one of the toys, the boy would grab and hold onto it.  Soon, his arms were so full of his toys that he couldn’t play with any of them.  On top of that, he had gotten onto his tricycle as he struggled to keep holding onto his toys, lest his little friend take one to play.  Thus, he couldn’t really ride his tricycle because of all the toys he was trying to hang onto.  And he couldn’t enjoy the toys, either.. 

The boy definitely needed an attitude adjustment.  

Most likely, so do we.

I am in the midst of moving from a 2000 sq.ft. house to a 500 sq.ft. house.  The whole experience has been one of peeling my fingers off of my stuff and letting it go.  And guess what… I hardly miss any of it.  (Well…a few things, but I’m still breathing.)  

God is well-aware of all the concerns we carry in our hands.  We worry about what will happen if we peel our fingers off and let go.  But as long as we keep holding on, keep juggling all of it as we try to peddle our little trike-lives, the more we miss out on even enjoying what really does matter.   Whatever we hold onto in our worries and fears can never come close to what God has for us.  His reminders, “I rule the nations.  I rule the earth”  bring us a fresh reminder…true perspective…..of this earthly life we hold onto so tightly.  It’s like holding onto all our toys while perching on our cool tricycles.  No wonder we aren’t really getting anywhere!

The One Who rules the nations . . . Who rules the earth awaits, Hands open.  Able to handle all our earthly concerns, He waits for us to put all our things into His Hands, and to trust Him with it.  

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