“Let us run with patience.”

Hebrews 12:1

Does the word “patience” connect with “running” in your mind?   It doesn’t in mine.  When I am in the act of running, it’s probably for only a few reasons:

                                    ~          I’m late

                                    ~          I’m scared

                                    ~          I’ve forgotten something urgently needed, or

                                    ~          A grandchild is escaping

Every Saturday morning, I see quite a long string of runners coming down the hill that levels out in front of my home.  Then they run up the next hill and continue on their way.

They’re not running from anything . . . they’re not running to anything, except for a finish-line I’ve never seen.  But they are running for a purpose which is personal to them.   And they are running in a way that is intentional, measured, disciplined, and meant to be sustainable for the long haul.

As they run, I cannot tell what is going on in their lives…in their hearts…  There may be pain, sadness, grief, . . . or joy.  They just keep on running toward their finish line.

When we choose to turn our lives over to God, we enter His Race.  It doesn’t really matter who runs the fastest, or reaches the finish line first.  What matters is that you have joined the Run.  You have set your mind on the Finish Line, even if you cannot see it or know exactly where it is, nor how long it will take to reach the end.  

What we can know for certain is that it is His Race, and He alone knows the Finish Line.

We can be sure that He knows every inch of the Race we run, and that He is with us….in the weariness, the stumbles, the pain that arises, and the limited vision we have of the Finish Line.  He promises to be “There” when we reach it, as well as with us each step along the way.  You may have thought this was just a sprint.  But you’ve come to realize this is a Marathon.  He joins you in the run, and will be right alongside you. You and He will be doing it together.

He has the Purpose in His Mind, and sees the Finish Line.     So, “run… with patience.”

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