The Whisper

“After the earthquake came a fire…

And after the fire came a gentle Whisper.”

1 Kings 19:12

I live in a very quiet setting, by choice.  But the world around me seems to be shouting.

We are in the midst of an historic pandemic.  It began rather quietly . . . something happening far, far away.  But its echoes have spread and grown to a deafening volume.

Our world has been shaken.  Our lives have been impacted, on a daily basis.

But though the world shouts, God often whispers.

Elijah, one of God’s most powerful Prophets, lived in an extremely difficult time in history.  He feared for his own life.  Powerful, evil voices were dominating and threatening his very life, as well as the existence of his nation.  He was on the run.  His life was full of dama, earth-shaking, life-rocking experiences.  He was in great danger.  But in the face of BIG….LOUD….Earth-rocking events going on around him, God came near…quietly.  A Whisper.

To be able to hear a whisper, you have to find the quiet.  It’s impossible to hear a Whisper when there’s loudness and noise all around.  God will allow the chaotic noise into our lives, but when we begin to long to hear His Voice, we need to position ourselves in  Quiet.  

It seems to me that God has pressed a global “PAUSE” button.  What “was” has greatly changed. . . and not by human orchestration.  It’s far beyond that.  God has things to say.   He’s taking our faces in His Hands, so that we will look into His Eyes, and LISTEN.  

God will use the ‘earthquakes’ and ‘fire’ in our lives to get our attention.  But to actually hear God’s still, small Voice, we need to get quiet, and listen.  

Listen for the “Gentle Whisper.”

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