Not Safe . . . But Perfect

“God’s way is perfect!

 The promise of the Lord has proven to be true.

 He is a shield to all those who take refuge in him.”

Psalm 18:30

I used to address a church leadership class as the senior/founding pastor’s wife of the church we established together.  I had also been in church leadership positions within the church my mom and dad founded and led throughout my growing up years.  So my perspective from personal lifelong experience in church leadership was rather unique.

Yes, I could present Biblical principles and examples to the classes, as well as stories from my own experience.  But what I really wanted to say was, “RUN!”  I also had suggested to my husband that the leadership class be given a T-shirt upon  completion of the class, printed with a big target printed on the front and back, with the word       


(He agreed, but not on a T-shirt.)

Leadership is brutal.  Were it not for “the promise of the Lord”  to my own heart, with repeated reminders from Him throughout the years, I would have loved to run away many times.  “God’s way is perfect!” had to become the foundational Truth that was rock-solid in my own heart.  There is a choice in that: choosing to believe it or not.  It has to be intentionally separated from the actions of people, who are not perfect, nor are their ways. 

King David certainly lived a life of extremes (little brother, shepherd, giant-slayer, national hero, future King, man-on-the-run for his life, personal failure, song-writer (Psalms), and ultimately the King of Israel…God’s nation.)   Yet David could declare, “God’s way is perfect!”   He certainly had great cause to doubt that throughout his life. As a great leader, he wrote this looking back from the perspective of having doubted God’s promises in the midst of tremendous pressures, temptations, failures, gut-wrenching losses, and miraculous victories.  

King David cites the experiences in life when he needed a shield . . . needed a refuge . . . needed to feel safe.  God had chosen David when he was just the little brother who had to miss all “the action” with his big brothers, to stay home and watch dumb sheep.  It wasn’t safe, but it was his training ground in experiencing the only truly safe place in this world:   God Himself.

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