Show and Tell!

“The heavens declare the glory of God,

and the sky displays what His Hands have made.

One day tells a story to the next.

One night shares knowledge with the next.”   

Psalm 19:1-2

Did you realize how much celestial communication is going on all around us . . . day and night?

We’ve got the heavens shouting about God,   the sky showing off His artistry,

Each day telling stories of its day to the next,

And each night passing  to the next night all that it knows!

And I’ve just been enjoying looking at the moon, stars, clouds and birds!  (with thoughts of  how it might affect my plans…)

Our world is full of people who wish they could know God….hear from Him,  understand Him.   We tend to point people to read, or study, or take in written and spoken words to gain knowledge and understanding of God.   All of that is good.  Helpful. Enlightening.

But God has also designed a way of communicating beyond spoken and written language.  It’s something that is  accessible to every human being on this globe.  If we only focus on words, we are missing a galaxy of communications that God set in place to help us know Him.

So the next time you are thinking about God, or wondering about what is happening on this earth, or are struggling with questions about life, don’t forget to step outside . . . day or night . . . and look up.  Listen to the Conversations going on in the Heavens.  It may not involve spoken or written words.

It may simply go straight to your heart.



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