My Trinity in the Sky

“The heavens declare the glory of God,

and the sky displays what His Hands have made.”

Psalm 19:1

Today was a rough day.   Disappointments seemed to be having a party, and I was the honored guest.  I would have much rather not been invited!

I decided to just get out and take a drive, ending up in  my son’s driveway, facing a beautiful sunset.  For some reason, watching sunsets over the fields  surrounding his home are unusually lovely, and seem to last a long, long time.  The clouds far across the fields hold the light and colors for almost an hour, subtly changing as the light slowly moves beyond the horizon.

I simply watched for a long time.  In the past, I have tried to capture the sunsets there on my phone’s camera.  But the colors never look as beautiful on the photo’s as they do to my watching eyes.  Mesmerized by the changing beauty, my thoughts were also focused on some disappointments today, and my sadness of handling life on my own for the past few years.

After watching for a long time, I got out of my car and  looked at the surrounding skies.  While I had been focused on the beautiful, moving sunset, I hadn’t realized that behind me was a huge full moon, softened by a hazy glow.  Looking back to the colorful sunset, and then at the beautiful moon, the double display seemed to be suspended.  I sensed God’s Spirit’s whisper….

“I Am here.  I was with you in all those disappointments today.  You have been watching what I can do with everyday air…every day, whether you are watching or not.”

“And with a simple turn of your head, you see the beauty of the moon… reflecting the Sun’s light all night long.  In the darkness of Life, the blackness of night, I extend My Light.  It is how I bring the sun’s powerful light into a gentleness through which you can sleep.”

 Then, I heard an unexpected sound to the north, many miles away on my right.  Fireworks!   Some small country town was having their celebration a day early.  The loud, powerful explosions of earth-bound sparkles and colors had joined the celebration taking place in the heavens.  All three were happening at the same time.  I was surrounded!   I sensed God’s un-capturable and indescribable, lasting Presence in the sunset, creating beauty “out of thin air.”   Then the soft, gentle glow of the full moon gave it’s peaceful comfort in the darkness, where fears lurk and thoughts trouble.  In the fireworks was a happy celebration as He dances over us in Love.

I had been given a glimpse of His Heart for me:

Beauty in the fading light of day…

His gentle Peace  reflected even in the darkness of night,

and the Joy He gives as He dances over me.

He surrounds me with His Love.

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