The Song

“No one could learn the Song

Except the 144,000

Who had been redeemed from the earth.”

Revelation 14:3

I have always loved music.  My mom often had music playing at home, and drew my sisters and I into singing and piano lessons.  It has always been a major part of my daily life,  surrounding myself with classical music, preferring instrumental over words.  It is a beautiful cushion of sound day and night.

Songs have been written throughout the ages, throughout the earth, throughout the nations and peoples who have walked Earth throughout Time.   Languages, melodies, rhythms, expressions, and sounds as varied as the people and places from which those songs have come, have covered the world, impossible to number.

But there is one Song yet to be sung.  It is “The Song of the Redeemed.”

The Song:

  • Is not written, not studied, nor learned from listening;
  • The Song begins when the unimaginable happens….at first it begins as a Whisper in the darkest night. . .
  • It comes unexpectedly . . .
  • It cannot be copied, or recorded, or planned.
  • The Song comes from deep within….from the Spirit of God into the heart of the crushed,…devastated….when all that was is no more.
  • When the Life that was has ended, or becomes a mere shadow, the whispered Song begins…
  • It flows quietly, no words necessary, out of the shadows of the broken heart.
  • Without any score nor recording to follow, the Melody begins to trickle from the wounds deep inside…inexplicably….quietly.….awakening New Life from the depths of mourning.
  • You will meet a stranger and detect the Song in them. There is no explanation, except that it has been written with the Pen of deep sorrow…sorrow that has somehow become unexplained Hope.
  • It is God’s Song . . . Who Was, Who Is, and Who forevermore shall Be.

His Spirit has come.  The Song is there.  We are learning to sing.  And someday, when we see Him, the Great Choir….all those who have been redeemed throughout Time….will assemble, each one singing their own unique melody and words. And as the Song of the Redeemed swells, all the Universe will begin a New Day, which will last for eternity.

 Inspired by and Borrowed from George Matheson (1842-1906)

Scottish Preacher, Author, Hymns Composer

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