It’s About Time

“Before the mountains were born,

before You gave birth to the earth and the world,

You were God.

 You are God from everlasting to everlasting.

Indeed, in Your sight a thousand years are like a single day,

 like yesterday—already past—

 like an hour in the night.”  

Psalm 90:2,4

As a human creature on this earth, it is impossible for me to wrap my mind around this passage. My life is daily dictated by “time.” And the limitations and definitions of “time” that we follow seem to have no similar limitations to God.  He set Time for us, as part of Creation.  He didn’t need it.  We did.  God’s perspective of Time is far beyond what I can grasp.  Yet, my life is deeply enmeshed in earth’s Time.

This was never so clear to me until my life collided with my Desert people.  Nothingran in accordance to my understanding of Time.  Rarely did I see anyone with a wristwatch (yes, this was before cellphones and all the time-related apps in them).  In fact, by my second trip I began taking off my watch while on the last plane.  One less item that only caused frustration! 

After many trips there, I began to realize how much less frustration the people experienced, even though they were living in an extremely harsh and tragic situation.  There was a natural flow to daily life.  They all moved in a very relaxed way through their days.  Life would unfold as it would, without all the frustrations and demands normally placed on other people or themselves.  Over time, I came to see that the things that many of my well thought out plans and agenda were really outside of my control anyway.  Those things that were in God’s Plans would either take place as I had hoped, or would come to pass in the future.  It required much more trust of Him on my part to intentionally put it all into His Hands and be patient.   So many times, whatever He orchestrated  was far better than what I had planned.

How often do we try to hold God to the system of Time by which we live?   We assume that He follows the time limitations and expectations that we follow on this planet.  He does not.  This reality requires far more trust on our part . . . trust of Him and all that He is doing.  We see a small dot of the eternal Picture He is painting.

Once in a while we catch a tiny glimpse, and we are in awe.

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