“Greatness, power, splendor, glory, and majesty are Yours, Lord,

    because everything in heaven and on earth is Yours.

        The kingdom is Yours, Lord,

            and You are honored as head of all things.”

I Chronicles 29:11

For all of his human frailties, David had gotten so many things right.  He was in a time of great transition, handing-off the leadership of the kingdom he had led for so long to his son Solomon.  David had asked his nation to help to build the “Palace of God”….the Temple.   The people had responded with overwhelming generosity.  In front of his people, King David erupted in proclaiming these words to hisKing.  His words were words reserved for greatest honor for worthy kings of nations. For King David to stand before his nation and proclaim these words to His King must have been deeply impacting on all of his people.  They came from his heart. . . from the depth of his soul.

Experiencing a top leader putting things in proper perspective for those he/she leads has profound impact.  To live out that perspective gives substance to the words.  David, the shepherd King,  was a lifelong follower of God.  His God and his nation were profoundly intertwined.  David took that moment in time, when all eyes were on him, to put the focus of his people on his God…the true King.

Human “kings” fail, unfortunately, far more often than they succeed in keeping true perspectives of where God’s place is in the nations they lead.  Top leadership positions are fraught with the perspective struggles….whether top leaders in government, the corporate world, or the faith world.

In my “other world” of the desert, I have seen the effects of a king who has been far more absorbed in building his own personal “kingdom” than in pointing his people to God.  It has devastating effects that can go on for decades…generations.   But I have also seen a top national leader love his people, humbly and secretly blessing widows and desperate situations. Both have profound impact on their people.  

May we daily place our lives and hearts under the perfect sovereignty of our King of all kings. . . especially as leaders.  May they see Godly leaders, especially in their greatest earthly moments, direct all honor and praise to the King under whose perfectleadership we serve.   And may we focus our attention and obedience on our King as we walk this earth.


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