Shining in the Dark

“God wanted his people throughout the world to know the glorious riches of this mystery—

which is Christ living in you, giving you the hope of glory.

We spread the message about Christ

as we instruct and teach everyone with all the wisdom there is.

We want to present everyone as mature Christian people.” 


Did you ever encounter a person who had been watching you, detecting there was something “spiritual” about you, but not knowing exactly what that was?   When we have Christ living inside of us, those who watch can notice “something different” about our lives.   God’s heart is for everyone to know Him, but there is a huge chunk of this globe that has never seen or met someone who has Christ living in them.  For them, their encounter with a Follower is notable, and raises great curiosity. Sadly, most have probably never even met anyone who could answer their questions about Who Christ is.

A most memorable part of my story in the desert involved exactly such a situation. Two strangers (men) approached me, saying they had been watching me over time, and knew there was “something spiritual” about me, but did not know what it was.  “Are you Catholic? Are you Orthodox?”  (This was the extent of their exposure to Christianity.)

After responding “no”, they said, “Then what are you?”

Not knowing whether this was a “trap” or a sincere question, I hesitantly replied, “I am a person of The Book.   I follow Jesus.”   Their faces lit up, and one excitedly said, “We have been searching for someone who could answer our big question!   Now we can ask!”

Hesitantly, not knowing what kind of question was to come, I said, “What is your big question?”  Their reply rocked me.   “Who is Christ?”

Do you realize the Treasure you carry within your heart?  Your life?  Although we see all our flaws and failures, His Spirit in us is Light, and in a dark world, it is notable.  So many are looking for the Light….even if they are not aware of that longing.   The Spirit of Jesus, living in us, is Light in this dark world . . . God’s way of inviting them into His Light.  He uses usYOU!

These two men were top religious leaders of my desert people.  The story continues with them . . . but that is for another time.

The Light that lives within us is not only for our benefit. . . it is a significant way for God to expose and draw those living in darkness to come to know Him and to experience His Hope.

May your Light shine in your world.

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