Sobering Reminder for His People

“However, if My people, who are called by My Name,

 will humble themselves,


search for Me,

and turn from their evil ways,

then I will hear their prayer from heaven,

forgive their sins,

and heal their country.”

2 Chron. 7:14

God’s people were at a spiritual “high” . . . Their leadership (Solomon and King David) had completed the Temple dedicated to God.  God was more than pleased, and His Glory had filled the temple that had been prepared for Him.   Everything seemed to be going well for God’s people.

But in the midst of this spiritual “high,” God gave a strong caution. Spiritual “high’s” can get out of hand if His people begin to get wrapped up in spiritual experiences rather than in God Himself.  He knows our weaknesses, our temptations, and our tendencies to run ahead of His Plans. Notice His short list of “to do’s”:

  • Humble themselves….look realistically at our weaknesses and failures. Be honest about what is true of our own hearts.  When things are going well, it’s easy for pride to take root, grow, and overshadow the very actions that He was blessing.
  • Pray……Intentionally talk to Him, about everything; and listen to what He responds to our hearts.
  • Search for Me…..keep our eyes, ears, hearts open to what He is doing, where He is working (or not)…and intentionally join Him as we see or sense His Spirit active, whether it fits our thoughts and plans or not;
  • Turn from our evil ways….deliberately stop those actions and ways that are out of line with God’s living activities in our minds and hearts.

The powerful impact of His People living, breathing and moving together towards Him and His Purposes in this world, will be life-changing. . . . and world changing. Interesting note:   He is addressing His people, whether leaders are doing it or not….

If ever our world – our nation – has needed to know God is hearing us, forgiving us, and healing our country, it is now.  It’s on us – His people – to pursue humility, prayer, pursuit of Him, and obedience to Him.   Even if our leaders don’t, we can.  We must.

And we have His Word that He will respond by hearing us,  forgiving us,  and healing us, with a desperately needed impact on the hopeless world around us.

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