It’s All About Me

“Indeed, the Son of Man has come to seek and to save people who are lost.”
Luke 19:10

As I read Luke’s words, I recalled a little worship chorus that was popular in my earlier adult
years. The words were “It’s all about YOU, Jesus! And all this is for You, for Your glory and
Your fame . . . “ But at the time, there were other things going on in my adult life and church
world that made me substitute some other lyrics that seemed more honest:

“It’s all about ME, Jesus… for my glory and my fame. And all this is for ME . . . “

No, this version was never sung out loud. It was just sung in my own head. But it seemed an accurate description of the faith world in which I was surrounded. Unfortunately, we have a strong propensity to make ourselves the focus, even in our faith life.

Considering all that Jesus – the “Son of Man” – gave up for the sake of our earthly world and our Human destiny, we don’t deserve anything from Him. . . except judgment.

This simple statement by Luke is loaded with insight of what should matter most in how we live.

“…the Son of Man”….He lowered Himself to be one of us…simply as a “son”….a human.
“…has come…” His initiative, His movement toward us.
“….to seek…” Active pursuit of us…actively searching for us, no matter where we are …
No matter what rock we’re living under.
“…and to save….” Active choice on His part to intervene in our fatal path
“…people who are lost.” We face hopelessness, certain doom, unable to do anything to
change our fate. We have no idea where we are, nor how to get “home.”

He took all the actions to save our lives. We had no options nor ability to change our own
reality nor our endings and beyond, in our eternal destiny.

Why would He do that?
Because that is what Love does.
That is Who He Is.

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