“If someone brings a lamb as their sin offering, they are to bring a female without defect.”
Leviticus 4:32

Our lambs are having babies! It’s the first time that this event was actually intentional on our part. The first sheep we purchased arrived in January a few years ago, and we received a phone call about a week later from the seller that she suspected they may all be carrying lambs, due to her ram escaping his pen every Sunday when she would go to church.

Now, those grown-up “lambs” are carrying their own little lambs, and we are almost daily finding new little ones in their mama’s pens. Their baby-like cries are so heart- touching, calling for their mama’s as they stand on their wobbly little legs, their little eyes looking at these strange creatures with two missing legs.

For our mama’s, it’s their first experience of giving birth. Some are doing fine with the process. But there are a few we have had to closely monitor or remove them from their
mothers for their own lamb’s safety.

One new mother actually killed her twin lambs in the night. The emotional experience
for our family was something we’d never dealt with before. One action taken was to
spray-paint a fluorescent “X” on her wool. She is “marked” to be used for “other
purposes” in the future.

God made it clear in His Book that the sacrifices He required in worship from His People were to be done with lambs that had no defect. Any lambs that were not “perfect” would be used for purposes other than as gifts of sacrifice to God.

It’s impossible to find “perfect” lambs.

God Himself could not find a “perfect” Lamb that would be fully acceptable to Him to
become the “perfect” Sacrifice. . . One who was not “marked” by sin. One whose blood
would cover the sins of man.

So He chose to provide His Own. . . for us.

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