Nowhere to Perch

“But the dove could find nowhere to perch
 because there was water over all the surface of the earth; 
so it returned to Noah in the ark. 
He reached out his hand and took the dove and brought it back to himself in the ark.”

Have you ever felt like that dove of Noah’s?    He’d been sent on a mission by Noah to scout out if there was any land beginning to appear after the global flood all the inhabitants on the ark had just gone through.   Being given his freedom to fly, he’d been flapping and soaring, looking for any place to land.  Nothing . . . 

So back to the ark he flaps.  He saw no other option.  Back to the crowded, creaky boat, and all the creatures with whom he’d had to share the space.  His brief opportunity for freedom wasn’t going to happen  . . . at least not now.  There was no other place to land.

When God orchestrates seasons and situations in our lives,  we may begin the adventure with a sense of joy as we take off and begin to soar.  There’s hope in our hearts of a new opportunity. . . a sense of “mission”. . . a sense of being chosen.  And off we go.

But then, slowly, reality begins to sink in.  The soaring becomes more of a “flapping” ….searching the horizon for any sign of where to land and begin a new Page in  life.

Weariness comes, and the practical facts become clear.  This isn’t going to happen . . . at least not now.  Disappointment takes over where Hope had soared.  The change of course and the realities of going back make the struggle even harder.  Back to the place where you’d felt “stuck.”  Back to the creatures from whom you’d looked forward to having some space.  The soaring . . . the struggle . . . the reality of survival  begins to well up in mind and heart.  

Then we realize . . . the One Who sent us on our mission is still there.  Still watching.  Still waiting.  Still hoping for us.  Caring about us.  

The One Who sent us extends His Arm. . . holds out His Hand to us.  No condemnation.  No shame.  Just Rest. Safety. The Hope and Purpose still alive in His Heart . . . The Mission will be accomplished.  Not today, but the day’s experience will help as we head out the next time.  And He will still be there, quietly waiting and watching from our safe place.

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