Whispers in the Darkness

“What  I   tell  you  in  darkness, 
Speak that  in light;
And what you hear in the ear,
Preach that upon the housetops.”
Matthew 10:27

As a child, I didn’t enjoy being in darkness.  My imagination would start “hearing”and “seeing” things that were scary, and I’d run to any light I could find.  

As adults, literal darkness isn’t quite as frightening to us as when we were children.  But we still experience “darkness” that brings fear to our hearts and souls.  There is a spiritual darkness that seeks to permeate our minds, our beliefs, our understanding, and sense of safety and peace.  Darkness is the substance of evil.  It fights the light.  

When we experience darkness in our lives, it goes beyond a literal absence of “light.”  Darkness seeps into our minds. . . into our thoughts. . . into our relationships . . . into our very beliefs and knowledge of Truth.  It works hand-in-hand with fear, and can become a powerful force – a bondage – in our lives.  

But it probably began as a whisper.

Jesus talked with His closest followers about the reality of being in darkness.  He is not afraid of the darkness, and purposefully steps into our darkness as The Light of the World.  He speaks to us in our darkness.  His words bring Light.  Whether our darkness is in our minds, or our beliefs, our relationships, our life choices, or our very souls, He Himself brings Light.  

What is your darkness?  “Speak that in light.”  Especially to Him.  Don’t hide.  Don’t fear that it’s too dark for Him to handle . . . to change . . . to dispel.  There is Good News.  He speaks in that darkness.  He doesn’t wait for us to change the “lightbulb” or “flip the switch” of our darkness to accommodate His Light.  We cannot do it.  

What has He spoken to you in your darkness?  He is not afraid of the darkness in your life.  The darkness that He deals with in your heart, mind, and life is not only Good News for you, but it is Good News for those in your life.  Live out… and tell of the Light that has dispelled the darkness in you.  Our dark world longs for Light.  It longs for the Good News that you carry and now live.  The secrets you held in your life have, in Jesus’ Hands,  become your Light, worthy of shouting with abandon from your rooftop.  It is Good News!  The Best News!

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