The Dance

Messages from Messengers of LightPart 1

“Didn’t our hearts burn within us . . .”

( a night in the desert)

The room was hot and completely dark.   It was the dead of night in the Sahara Desert refugee camps.  None of the vast desert sky’s starlights were able to penetrate into the stiflingly hot room where we slept.  Eyes open or eyes shut made no difference in the darkness.  My roommate and I had fallen asleep, following a busy day of meetings and activities surrounding the Faith Dialogue event in which we had participated.  Our team was exhausted, the mattresses uncomfortable, the hot desert air merciless,  and the darkness impenetrable.

Earlier that week, some of our team had talked a little about stories of Muslim people encountering a glowing figure appearing in their rooms in the night, wearing Eastern-style robes, and exuding a Light from His Being in a way that they recognized Him to be Jesus the Messiah.  As I drifted off to my much-needed sleep, I wondered what that experience must be like.

Several hours later, I abruptly awoke from my sleep, my eyes focused on the foot of my bed.  There before me stood a man that I would describe as a very handsome, Western-World, royal- looking “Prince.”   His entire being was Light.  He was wearing a white tuxedo, complete with satin vest, woven gold braiding and buttons, and white gloves.  He even held a white top hat in the crook of His arm, against His chest.  His beautiful eyes looked into mine.  He gently smiled, and extended his right hand as if to say, “Come . . . dance with Me.”   

In that jaw-dropping moment, I glanced toward my roommate, wondering if she was seeing what was happening on my side of the room!  But when I looked back, the Prince was gone.  

In the moment I had looked away,  my Prince had disappeared.  I wished I hadn’t taken my eyes off of him.  

But it was as if He wordlessly answered my questions of why so many in the muslim world are experiencing visitations in the night of a figure wearing Eastern-style robes, glowing white from an internal Source of Light, and a silent invitation to believe and follow Him.  Their world is one of flowing robes.  Messages are often shared without words. . . a look, a hand movement, communication with the eyes.  My Western world is one of fine suits and waltzes…(I wish.)

My shining Prince had invited me to join Him in the Holy Dance that He has prepared for the World.

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