The Final Conclusion

“God’s way is perfect! 

The promise of the Lord has proven to be true. 

He is a shield to all those who take refuge in him.”    

Psalm 18:30

David . . . what a guy!   In the broad stroke, we see him as a boy facing deadly predators to protect his flock of sheep.  Alone.  As an older boy, he faces down a terrorizing giant, and kills him with one stone.  Alone.  As a man, he was pursued by the King of his nation…who was intent on seeing him dead.  And all along the way, he was pursued by enemies, not the least of whom was the Enemy of his soul.

But from those early years of life, he came to know his God, and had learned to follow Him, communicate with Him, and experience Him in every aspect of his life.  Through the good times, but even more so through the bad times….terrifying times….unjust times….lonely times….fallen times….he continued to hold tightly to the God he had come to know very personally.  

Some things in life seem to become much clearer with time.  As our years go by, we can look back and recognize His Hand in our lives much more clearly than when we were walking through those years.  

What has been His Promise to you?  His Word is full of them.  And He quietly reassures us in the midst of the worst times . . . if we have listened.  At times, if we are paying attention, He assures us before and in the midst of “the worst.”  Times when we desperately need to hold to His Promises….stand or crouch tightly behind His Shield . . .and find our Safe Refuge in His Presence in our lives.   Sometimes, it is hindsight that brings us undertanding

In practical realities, David’s life was far from “perfect.”  He encountered devastating tragedies in the midst of becoming and being a King.  But through it all, he was able to look back and say. . . sing . . . these words:   “God’s way is perfect.” 

May our times of looking back help us see how God’s “Way” has been perfect in our lives as well.  Probably not “perfect” in the reality of the experiences, but perfect in how He has used them in our hearts and lives.

May our hearts sing His Song.

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