Walking on the Mountains

“The Lord Almighty is my strength. 

He makes my feet like those of a deer. 

He makes me walk on the mountains.”

Habakkuk 3:19

There is a place in Israel, out in the arid desert, where the waters from Jerusalem,  having traveled underground through layers of rock, come gushing out into a beautiful oasis.  Watching the sparkling waters spilling out of the rocky cliff and into a pool of refreshing water is breathtaking.  Often, there are deer drinking at its edges, and feeding on the grasses there.  

Along the rocky path through the steep slopes, the deer are often spotted in those high places.  It is amazing to see them at such heights, looking down on the challenged humans gingerly invading their space.  As we reach out to grab a ledge or a tree branch, they gaze at us struggling through the valley, slowly making our way to the pools of living water that flowed underground all the way from Jerusalem, through solid rock.

I wonder if Habakkuk had found refreshment in that place.  I’m quite sure that David wrote of it…  this green, peaceful oasis surrounded by the stark desert.  There are natural caves high on the steep slopes. . . possibly the cave David wrote about when he spared Saul’s life.

Our God . . . our Lord Almighty . . . sometimes leads us through the desert.  It’s harsh. . . it’s hot and seemingly endless.  The desert is not a pleasant place, and even the most basic of human needs – water – is almost impossible to find.  Watching a deer scamper up the rocky slopes as I struggle to find my footing on the narrow path, grabbing for something solid to hold makes me envious, and in awe of their graceful beauty in their ascent.  Being “made to walk on the mountains” is tough . . . exhausting . . . scary.  

Sometimes God “makes me” walk on the mountains . . . which includes the climb to get there.

It requires tricky footing all along the way.  But He is there.  With me.  And when I reach the heights, exhausted and relieved, the View takes my breath away.

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