A Glow in the Darkness

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” 

 John 1:5

I planted the seeds in the Spring, and forgot about them.  I wanted to give a moonflower vine a try.  I had never done very well with planting vines, so I soon forgot all about what may have been going on in that little spot of earth.

Soon buds and blossoms began appearing from my annual favorites . . .always a delight for me.  Always a surprise, as well, because I  forget what  I’ve planted.  I didn’t even notice the small vine winding its way among the flowers that  began to open.

Then one day I noticed a strong vine that had stealthily been winding its  way up the simple trellis.  The long, twisted, closed blossom was a puzzle….I’d forgotten the vine 

hidden in all the flowers. Day by day I saw it, puzzled about what its tightly twisted secret held.  It looked so ready, yet it held tightly to its secret.

Then, one moonlit evening, sitting on my little balcony enjoying the cool summer air, I saw the secret flower, open and shining white against its vine.  Such a surprise!

The Moonflower!   Only appearing in the darkness, and closing in the light.

I don’t know how long this moonflower had been blooming.  I hadn’t watched for it in the night.  The darkness had kept its secret.  It had been holding its beautiful surprise throughout each day as all the others showed off.  The moonflower waited for the darkness to bring its soft glimpse of beauty, only seen by watchful eyes.  

Now, I see the tightly furled petals hiding among the leaves each day… knowing that in the night…in the darkness…its beauty glows.  Only watchful eyes will note its soft glow when my little balcony, enveloped in the quiet evenings,  has gone to sleep.  As the gentle moonlight touches the shy petals, its quiet secret is exposed.  My moonflower reflects the soft light of its name.  In the morning, it is gone.

Some of the most precious glimpses of the sun are those reflected in the darkness.

May our lives, with the Son in our hearts,  gently, beautifully reflect our beloved Light of the World and bring a similar glow in these dark nights.

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