Timeless Love

            “Even when you are old,   I will take care of you. 

                        Even when your hair turns gray,  . . .  I will support you. 

                                    I made you and will continue to care for you.

                                              I will support you and save you.”

                                                                                              Isaiah 46:4

I am getting older.  I’m not happy about it.  I am now relating much more to memories of my mother and grandmother than I ever had.  Things take a little longer, and I care about that  less.  I knew this season of life would come, but am not honestly ready yet.  

I had never pictured this season of life as being alone.    That reality makes me sad.

                                                            Yet, I am not alone.

The Forever Love of my LIfe is here with me.  Since I was a little three-year-old girl, I have been deeply aware that God has been near…ever present … no matter where in the world I have been.  

He has been there. 

Isaiah wrote throughout his own process of aging.  He had been walking through his long life with the Presence of God.  In his quietness, the seasons of being alone, Isaiah

focused on God and wrote.  Fully attuned to the Voice that he had learned to recognize and trust, Isaiah wrote.  God spoke to Isaiah of His love for the people of this earth, His thoughts toward humanity, His love and longing for all the generations to come, filling the earth.  Isaiah wrote for the people of his time and for the ages to come, including the world of our times.  The old prophet wrote of God’s plans for the people of this earth throughout the centuries.  He wrote of events of the ages past, and of this present age.  He wrote of God’s thoughts and plans for the ages to come.  He wrote of our world now.

Isaiah heard God’s Voice like few ever have.  

But Isaiah also heard God’s thoughts toward himself,  as a man.  He wrote of  God’s thoughts toward humanity, and toward you… and me.    He wrote tenderly, lovingly, intimately . . . knowing things we would not likely voice.  Fears, insecurities, doubts, even of growing old, he wrote honestly and as a man.

      Isaiah wrote that God knows…understands, is present,  and loves us through it all.

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