“Look!  He comes with clouds.”

Rev. 1:7

 Remember looking up at the sky as a child and seeing different forms clouds create far above on their blue canvas? Especially the “thunderheads” we called them.  I loved watching them as a child, and loved having moments with my little boys…often chuckling at what they were “seeing.”   Now, it’s grandchildren looking up with me, and it’s still delightful  to hear what they see.

As with our moments of looking up at the sky to watch the clouds, we live with the reality of different “clouds” in our lives.  The  clouds  come between us and our blue sky . . . our happy moments when the shadows are gone and we can see the sunshine and clear blue stretching above our lives.

Often, throughout the Bible, God is depicted with a Cloud, because His Power and Radiance would be too much for a human to see and survive the experience.  Just as looking directly at the sun would be blinding to a human eye, our human eyes and minds could not handle direct contact with Him.

But when God’s Presence is with the clouds, it is life-changing.

I remember a day during a very painful season of my life.  I was about to leave a building to go to my car.  As I opened the door, I literally gasped at the sky.  The deep colors of pinks, purples, blues, greens, and many shades of each were breathtaking.  I had never seen anything like it.   I slowly walked to my car, looking up.  Even as I drove out of the parking lot, I could not stop watching the sky.  I do not remember ever seeing such a beautiful sunset.

I had hardly left the lot when I got one of those “Whispers” . . . “Go back…and just watch.”   I knew it was a God-Whisper in my mind.  I turned around and went back to my parking place, and just watched, facing the sunset.   As the gorgeous horizon of colors continued, I realized that the sky canvas was being painted above me, and continuing to spread all the way behind me, filling the entire sky to the horizon behind me.

I sat in the silence, watching the beauty unfolding all around me.

Then The Whisper . . .  “Keep watching . . . just stop, and watch.”

Then,  “Look at the colors . . . all the rainbow colors. . . . What is catching and displaying all those colors?”

I saw.   “The very bottom layers of the clouds are where the colors are.”

The Whisper,  “Haven’t you been saying you feel like you’re ‘under a cloud, and cannot get out from under it’?”

My silent “Yes” hung in my thoughts.

“Without the ‘clouds’ you would not be watching this sky of Beauty right now.   I do some of My very best Work using Clouds.  They’re the Canvas.”

 Tears began running down my cheeks.  I kept watching, and the colors continued stretching, catching and moving the beauty from horizon to horizon.

And the “clouds” that had seemed to only cast shadows and sadness in my life began to take on a new meaning in my mind and heart.  The glimpse of His Artistry, using the ‘clouds’ covering my life, began to reflect a whole new perspective and significance.

Clouds continue . . . but so does His beautiful Work.






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