“But I know that my Defender lives,

and afterwards,

He will rise on the earth.”  

Job 19:25

There are times in life when accusations seem to swirl around us, absorbing our thoughts and emotions. Our hearts cry out, longing to defend ourselves . . . set the record straight.  We can become fully absorbed in rehearsing past situations, thinking about responses we’d like to give, and projecting how we long to see situations change.  The “could be’s”  and “if only’s” begin a spiral effect that can consume us.  The “Accuser” seems to gain strength in the downward spiral which grasps us in his evil clutches.

It’s nothing new. The activities of the Accuser go all the way back to the very first humans.  We are not exempt from his activities.

Job knew the horrible effects of being accused and having no recourse of defense.  He was nearly destroyed.  He had lost everything, by no fault of his own.  And his accusers no doubt felt that their case against him was right.

Yet, in Job’s personal torment, he focused his eyes and mind on the God he knew and followed.

Even though devastating words and actions fought to bring Job to utter hopelessness, He clung to the One he had come to know and follow.  He had already come to know Him as his Defender, and was confident that, in the end, The Defender would “rise on the earth.”

Jesus Himself experienced the Accuser’s powerful words.  Alone in the desert, He faced accusations from Satan himself….the one who devised accusations and the strategic ways to use them to the most devastating effects.  Jesus is our Defender. . . the One who faced and overcame the most powerful Accuser himself.   The desert setting offers no comfort, no distraction, no escape.  Life is stripped down to the bare necessities . . . ‘What do I need to survive this day?  …and tomorrow I will face survival again.”  Jesus, coming into direct, repeated confrontation with the Accuser himself, experienced our human need for a Defender.  And it was after that point in His earthly life, that He began to “rise” on the earth.

Our Defender LIVES….and may our lives reflect  Him in such a way that those around us can see Him rising in our own hearts and lives on this earth.  May we live on the side of “defenders” rather than accusers.  In our personal “desert world”, may we reflect Hope, Truth, and Mercy in a world that stands accused and hopeless.



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