God is Faithful and Reliable

“God is faithful and reliable


“God is faithful and reliable.

If we confess our sins, he forgives them

and cleanses us from everything we’ve done wrong.”  

1 John 1:9


I was in a quandary this morning regarding a decision I had to make.  I had gone back and forth on whether to do something or not.  I knew that either choice would be “OK”…but I wanted to be more sure of making the best decision.

Then, this verse popped out to me, and the reminder that He is faithful and reliable.   It is stated as such a strong fact.  As I struggle with circumstances that seem to be changing by the hour, I needed to return to that grounding fact that God is faithful and reliable.  What follows seems to be an example . . . one of the most basic facts of our faith.  We hold to that fact as a foundational example  of our faith:

Confession, Forgiveness, and Cleansing “from everything we’ve done wrong.”

I can easily trust God to forgive and cleanse me.    Confession, forgiveness and cleansing are the foundation of why I can even havea relationship with Him.   It is easy for me to accept, practice and believe.

It gets a little harder to keep in the forefront of my mind this verse’s two named facts of His very Character in the day to day circumstances that call for decisions and actions.  When I’m not sure of what I must do or not do, I need the reminder of His faithfulness and reliability.  No matter which decision I make (when it’s not a matter of sinful actions), I need to remember that He is faithful…..He will continue to be with me, hold me in His Hand, and walk with me through whatever is ahead.   And He is reliable.  He doesn’t come and go.  I can be confident that He might let a rug be pulled out from under me, but will BE there with me, no matter what is going on around me.

If I can trust Him to forgive me and that He has removed that barrier of sin that had barred me from spending eternity with Him, then I can also trust Him to  be faithful and reliable….both qualities I need to keep in mind in the daily, moment-by-moment decisions and actions that I take.  It would be easier if He’d just shoot a memo to me with clear directions of what to do or decide in my daily life.  But that’s not been my experience.

So, knowing Who He Is in my life, I can walk through my day and make the choices and decisions that seem to be right.  And His Character, especially faithfulness and reliabilityare with me each step of the way.  Even in the “mis-steps”, His unchanging faithfulness and reliability will be there to guide, correct, and calm my heart and mind.  He will is there, present, to guide me through whatever may come.   What a sweet reassurance!


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