Nothing Can Separate

Nothing Can Separate image


“We know that all things work together for the good

 of those who love God

—those whom he has called

according to his plan.”

Romans 8:28


In the context of talking about the impossibility of ever being separated from God’s Love  for those who love Him, we see this beautiful encouragement.  It helps to put everything that happens in our lives into God’s Perspective.

He called your name.  He called my name.  And since we experienced  His Call …. perhaps a whisper…. He has been working out the Plan into which He has written our names.  We can be sure that it’s allgood.   No mistakes on His part.  Nothing missed or forgotten.  Nothing random.  Nothing too messed up for Him to weave into His Plan, and create something even more amazing by using the flaws He lovingly works into His Artistry.

He has Called your name, because of His Love for you.  He has chosen to weave you into His

Plan . . . for Eternity.

Whatever our pain . . . loss . . . failures . . . tragedies . . . His Plan has not changed. Set in motion before this world existed, His Plan moves forward.  And, oh so patiently, He has chosen to weave us, flaws and all, into His Masterpiece.

And someday, we will see the unveiling, including our own beautifully flawed piece, of what He has been creating.  It will be finished.  And all we who love Him will see . . . and at last understand.

2 Replies to “Nothing Can Separate”

  1. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see ALL the beautiful works of art with God’s fingerprints all over them. Love the picture and the thoughts. Thanks!


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