What to Wear….What to Wear….?

“Clearly, all of you who were baptized in Christ’s name have 
clothed yourselves with Christ. 
There are neither Jews nor Greeks, slaves nor free people, males nor females. 
You are all the same in Christ Jesus.”
Gal 3:26-28

When preparing for your day each morning, consider how much time it takes?   For me, I briefly think through what I’ll be doing, and the circumstances in which I’ll be doing them.  Then I head to the closet to choose appropriate clothes to wear.  It doesn’t  take a lot of time for the process, but it’s something I never skip.  (I do know some “guys” who only need about 60 seconds….and done.  No names.)

The first thing that Adam and Eve did after realizing they’d sinned, was to make clothes for themselves.

Paul uses a material example in his writing to which anyone could relate, beginning with Adam and Eve.  “What will I wear today?”

Paul notes the key identifier of who we are and are not, and most importantly, Whose we are.

Each of the categories of human identities Paul lists  have clothing types / styles closely associated with the ethnicity, status, and genders within which we live out our daily lives.  What we wear says a lot about who we are. Clothes often give an outer glimpse of the internal person wearing them. . .  values, status, gender, personality are all pieces of a larger picture of who we are.

Apostle Paul identifies the role clothing has in daily life.   It’s something to which everyone can relate.  Clothing has been woven into the human story ever since Adam and Eve had their first taste of sin from taking Satan’s bait, and suddenly realizing they were completely “exposed.”

Since that day, all those who have recognized that we’ve “taken the bait” instinctively want to hide that fact.  We scramble to the “closet” we’ve put together and search for the best choice of a cover-up.  And then we step into our world.

What do people see of us as we move through our day?  Past the clothes, the accessories, the hair and shoes. . . past the things we do.  .   .

Do they see Christ?

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