In the Shadow

“Whoever lives under the shelter of the Most High

 will remain in the shadow of the Almighty.”

Psalm 91:1

Do you ever struggle with being “in the shadow” of someone else?  Do you wish that you were in higher demand?   Do you see others getting credit or honor, and wish you could have a little of that?   Do you long to be in the spotlight….just once!?

I’d be surprised if everyone has not had those moments of wishing to be more “seen”…more noticed for the value of your life . . . that pat on the back, that word of appreciation, that moment of someone speaking an encouraging word, gratitude, or thanks for something they noted in your life.  You may not like being in the shadow.

The writer of this Psalm presents a different side to the Shadow-life.  

He sees living “under the shelter”  and remaining  “in the shadow” as something to be desired.  Something to hold onto for a long time . . . “living” in that reality.  

It’s about being near to God . . . ”the Most High. . . . the Almighty” in an on-going way.  It’s not simply a “moment” in life.  It’s “living and remaining”  in that reality every day.

Under the Shelter…”   A safe place.  A place where you feel protected from whatever harmful situation is near.  A shelter is not a “shelter” unless it’s a safe place of protection from a storm, or a bomb, or a violent attacker, or any other dangerous threat that brings fear to the heart and soul of a person.  God – “the Most High” – offers to be that Shelter for each of us.  He offers Himself as our safe place from far more than the physical dangers and fears that threaten our lives.  His “shelter” encompases our very souls . . . our hearts . . . our minds. . . pushing back all of the dangers and evils that lurk with the intent to destroy us.  No human or physical “shelter” can provide that kind of escape and safety,  His is not a physical structure.  He offers Himself as our ultimate Shelter.

“In the Shadow. . . “    To be “in the shadow” of anything involves a choice.  Shadows move, according to the movement of the Light that illuminates the object,  creating the shadow beyond.  The Shadow creates a place of relief from the heat of the sun, or the brightness of the Light.  In the desert camps, finding “shade”, the Shadow breaks the intensity of the heat of the sun.  The Shadow provides immediate relief, and becomes a place where you want to stay for a long time.  The object that stands between you and the intense Light becomes a relief . . . a refuge from the burning sun.

God IS the Shelter Who provides the Shadow for our lives.  And when He moves, I want to move with Him.  

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