The Double-Take

“Let us look only to Jesus.”

Hebrews 12:2

This morning, I went into the lambs’ pasture to spend a bit of time with them.   They were in their usual morning routine of finding cozy little spots clustered together under trees and shady places beside stacks of logs.  A few would lift their heads to note my presence, but quickly returned to their napping.

But my little Easter-lamb was munching away on some grass away from the rest.  She lifted her head and caught sight of me.  She actually did a “double-take”.  Then she did her “Baaa-aaa” of greeting and returned to her munching.  I chuckled at her double-take….I had never seen that before and it warmed my heart to know she recognized me and called out her little greeting.  It was sweet.   I didn’t need her to run over or change what she was doing.  Her simple greeting…the little double-take…was enough to brighten my day.

And I wondered….do I make God smile when, in the midst of my “normal”, I glimpse His Presence – “see Him” – and acknowledge Him with a simple thought or word?  Does it bring Him a touch of joy in the moment?   My Good Shepherd has His Eye on me, whether I notice or not.  But the notice . . . a simple, pure reaction of seeing Him in my normal day, I do believe matters to Him.  His Eye is on me . . . on you . . . every moment of every day.  

I want to be that lamb that notices and recognizes His Presence in my “normal.”  I want to give Him moments of Joy.  I want to make Him smile.  

May I often “double-take” with Him.

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