Psalm 23 – In the E.R.


God is the GREAT PHYSICIAN Who is with me.  Because of that absolute fact, 

“I lack nothing”

The Great Physician knows every detail of every emergencyAnd will give me what is necessary to walk through each detail of every patient in my care today.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures…

He leads me beside still waters,”

Although the circumstances that surround me are dangerous and chaotic,  I know that He has gone ahead of me and He knows every detail of where I am.   I can trust that.

He restores my soul.”

When I  become overwhelmed by this place where I serve,

He is there. . . His Hand on my shoulder, His Whisper in my ear,

Gently setting me back on my feet to keep going.

That includes providing needed rest.

“He leads me in the right paths…”

When I don’t know what to do, He is there.  

He will guide me as I step into all the chaos, the pain, the fear as I live out, in this place, what I have been called to do.

“For His Name sake.”

In bringing me into this role, His own Name is at stake.

I want to represent Him well, making choices consistent with Who He Is.

He has entrusted me with His Name.

I serve, representing Him.

“Even though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death…”

The Front Line of this deadly pandemic battle is full of danger, caring for those who truly may die in my care.

Exposed to this great risk all around me,

My own mortality is very much in my thoughts.

“I will fear no evil…”

Somehow, knowing my Great Physician is present, I have a sense of protection and care in my very soul.  


“For You Are With Me.”

The Great Physician is not in some remote location.  It becomes very personal now. You are in the room.  You are in the hallways.  You are right here….with me.  No mask, no isolation, no contamination concerns or layers between us.  

You are with me.

“Your rod and Your staff  give me courage.”

Your ROD fights back the evil that wants to destroy me.

Your STAFF draws me nearer to You…an extension of Your own Hand on my shoulder.

You are in this battle with me.  

I am not alone.

“You prepare a ‘table’ for me, even tho’ the Enemy is watching, 

Even right in the room.”

God has blessed me in the medical field, giving me the knowledge of sickness, disease, and medicine.  I have so much to draw from as I step into the room…to the bedside of people fighting for their lives from its evil effects.

You, Great Physician, are with me here.  Not just as an observer, but if I pay attention, You give me thoughts, bring up knowledge at moments so desperately needed.

“You anoint my head with oil.

My cup overflows.”

My mind is full of knowledge of the body, how it works, medications that help, and training for bringing healing.  As The Great Physician, I look to You to use my knowledge, and things beyond my knowledge that You may bring to my mind, to know what is needed for each patient to begin to heal.  Things beyond my own knowledge,  I look to You to bring into my head ‘for such a time as this.’

“Certainly, goodness and mercy will stay close to me all the days of my life,..”

As I serve those  . . . the sick and the dying , . . .may I hold tightly to knowing how GOOD You are . . . how much You LOVE to show MERCY, as I care for those who are in such fear and suffering.  May Your Goodness and Mercy flow from my heart, my mind, and through my hands to each person who comes under my care.   And please continually re-fill my emptiness when I have spent all I have to give.  Every day.


“…and I will remain in the Lord’s house for days without end.”

As I look to my own time of leaving this earth, may it be without fear, knowing that You are with me…here, There, and whatever days come until then.  

May Your Presence be with me today, tomorrow, and all the days I face in this role of “Physician….Healer” into which You have placed me.

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