Down in the Ravine

“Hide in the Cherith Ravine.”

1 Kings 17:3

I live at the bottom of a long ravine.  A river that flows north cut through the earth ages ago, creating a long ravine at the lowest part of the long, long valley.  There is a lot of life in and along the river, and in all of the cities and villages that have grown up along its banks.

Elijah, one of the most colorful Prophets of God, had again stirred up trouble by dropping a “God-bomb” message to the King at the time.  After delivering his unpopular message, Elijah literally ran for his life.   God told him to “hide in the Cherith Ravine.”

God knew what Elijah was dealing with.  He knew what it cost Elijah to be His Prophet in those days.  And He knew Elijah needed a break.  God was there in that ravine, and provided the rest and refreshment that was so sorely needed.

When mortals step out at God’s bidding, there is an added cost because of the increased spiritual battles that rage when we “mess with” the Kingdom of Darkness.  God’s Kingdom is in deadly conflict with the kingdom of this world, and anyone  God calls into that conflict becomes a living target.  It’s as if they are handed a t-shirt with a big bulls-eye target printed on the front and back.  And the Enemy of our souls draws his bow.  

Elijah was a major target for the Kingdom of Darkness.  I’d say he had a full bodysuit with the targets plastered all over it. (It seems that part of his special toolkit also included being an extraordinary runner as well.. . running the other way.)

God was with Elijah.  He knew every detail of the evil Battle that swirled around Elijah all the time.  God knew his exhaustion: Physical, emotional, and spiritual.  When God drew him to the quietness of the river ravine, He provided the much needed rest. Ravens brought his bread and meat beside the stream of fresh water . . . morning and evening, every day.  There was much more drama ahead for Elijah, but God provided the simple daily refreshment for His faithful prophet.

God knows what we need in our humanity.  When we faithfully follow His plans for us, He faithfully provides what we most need. . . for the next step in our journey.

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