Holding Hands

“Yet, I am always with You. You hold on to my right hand.”

Psalm 73:23

One of the most basic contacts between two human beings is the simple act of holding hands.   Putting words to that simple action creates quite a list:

  • I want you to be near me
  • Stay close to me
  • I like you
  • I love you
  • I want you to be safe
  • I want to know you are there
  • I don’t want you to step into danger
  • I want to be connected with you
  • I want you to be connected with me
  • I want us to “be” together
  • I want to keep you away from harm
  • I feel close to you . . . etc.

The writer of this Psalm verse is talking to God.  He had been regretfully describing actions that were far from proper, kind, loving, or cooperative.  He had made choices that were quite out of control, foolish, and just plain wrong.

As a mom of 3 boys, I can relate to the importance of “holding hands” with them.  With one, especially, it equated with keeping him alive.  He was so challengingly active that I actually tried one of those safety “leashes” while walking through a crowded Mall.  I had clipped the end of it to his pants, and  I held the “retractable” handle.  We practiced walking together before going into the crowded main foot-traffic area.

But as soon as we headed down the wide, crowded mall, ( about 5 seconds!) he had successfully wrapped his coiled “leash” around a lady stranger with whom he became immediately closely acquainted.

Back to the hand-holding for us!

In the part of the world where the Bible stories took place, the “right hand” is more honorable.  It’s the “clean” hand reserved for human – to – human touch.  The writer had obviously been making wrong choices and failing in relationship to God.  Yet, God was still there.  Still near. . . near enough to take him by the hand….by the right hand. Not in a shaming way, but in an honorable way.  Not in a frustrated way….or a “power” way….nor with a sense of discipline or punishment.

Rather, God initiates and takes hold of his hand. . . mercifully, kindly, honoringly….to bring him near so they can walk together without shame or distance.

This will be a walk that’s not just for a moment, not just to cross a road or to avoid danger.

This walk will be for always.





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