“Abraham fell facedown; he laughed…”


 Life is serious.  So many things can weigh us down.  Sometimes we just seem to need a good laugh.  God created us with the capacity to laugh.  And I have a strong suspicion that God sees moments in our own lives that would be cause for Him to laugh…at least chuckle…as well.

Abraham and Sarah both have notes in their stories that include laughter.  God took note, enough to include it in the Story He was writing in their lives.

Childless and beyond the years of childbearing, God made a promise to Abraham. . . the promise of having a son.  Although Abraham and Sarah had devised their own solution to the problem (a son with Sarah’s servant Hagar), God’s Plan still moved forward.  It involved a miracle.  A miracle baby – a son – would be born to this elderly couple.

When Abraham was told of it, by God, he laughed.   Later, when Sarah was also told, by visiting angels, she laughed as well.

But their laughter was more out of disbelief than of joy.  It was a promise that was humanly impossible. Unbelievable.  Laughable.

A year later, their little miracle baby boy was born.  The Promise of God came into their lives…into their arms.  They named him “Laughter” (Isaac.)

Abraham and his family went on to impact the world and all of history.  Was their life easy?  NO! But I have a sneaking suspicion that every time Abraham and Sarah spoke Isaac’s name – Laughter – they remembered their own laughter of unbelief. Isaac’s very presence was a reminder.  They watched their huggable, loving, flesh-and-blood  Evidence that God’s Word is true.  What God says is solid, living, and absolutely worthy of belief.

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