When He’s Near

“Seek the Lord while he may be found.

Call on him while he is near.”  

Isaiah 55:6

Sometimes we go through seasons in our lives when God seems distant …far from us.

At other times we sense that He is very near.   

Isaiah certainly had those seasons in life when he felt very alone.  Yet he knew that he was not abandoned by God.  Often, after the times of feeling the distance, he experienced God in new ways, and God did amazing things in Isaiah’s life.

Those seasons of feeling lost or far away from God are often times when we become more desperate for His nearness.  We may even begin to imagine what we would do if He had left us.  Our pursuit of Him becomes more urgent.

But it’s in those times when He is more evident and active in our lives that we can slip into “neutral” in our pursuit of Him. We take Him for granted when life is going well.

Thoughts of, “OK…I’ve got this now!” or “Hey! Things are going great!  I’ll take it from here!” creep into our minds.   We begin to lose the passion for Him that was driven by desperation over tough things in our lives.  

 When we do not feel our pressing need for our Rescuer, the direction of our pursuit often changes as well.

But He is the same yesterday….today….and forever. When we wait to call on Him until something desperate happens, we miss the sweetness of His Presence because we have been enjoying other sweet things instead.

Think about how you feel when you are being taken for granted by someone you care about.   Or is there someone in your life who only comes to you when they need you?  Doesn’t it cheapen the relationship you have shared?

My 11 grandchildren take turns having a “date” with me.  They want to, and it warms my heart.  Recently, one of the little boys had his turn and chose a cute movie to watch with me. We had our popcorn, pillows, blankets and sippy-cups, and settled in to watch our movie.  In a short while, his little hand made its way into mine…without a word or glance. And we just sat there holding hands as the movie played. It was a precious moment for me.

God created each of us with intentionality….with Love….with the goal of relationship.  In all of His Goodness,  Kindness, and Love, all of His Plans for us involved relationship with Him. That is cheapened when we don’t run to Him unless we need or want something.  We “use Him” for what He can do for us.

Isaiah points out God’s heart for us in that, even when we don’t feel “needy” or “lost”, He wants us to pursue Him…not for what we “need”….but because we simply love Him.

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