Leading a Nation

“Worship the Lord your God,

fear him,

 obey his commands,

 listen to what he says,

 serve him,

and be loyal to him.”

Deut. 13:4

Moses was going to die. He knew it.  God had told him.  These above words were uppermost in his mind.

After a life that began as a slave’s baby boy, he grew up in the palace of Pharoah.

He learned how to lead a nation there.

Then came 40 years as a shepherd out in the wilderness.

He learned to be alone, and how to lead mottley sheep in a dry land.

He learned to lead a nation there.

Next he followed God’s voice to deliver his birth-people out of godless Egypt.

He learned to lead a nation there.

Another 40 years of leading refugees, former slaves, through another desert.

There he learned to hear and speak with God,

receiving 10 crucial commands for his people to live by.

He learned to lead a nation there.

From a mountain top he saw the Land that would be Home for his small nation.

He learned to say, “Good-bye” to his nation there.

And found his Home with God.

He learned how to rest in the Arms of God.

And lead a nation there.


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