“Who is this that comes up from the wilderness,

leaning upon her Beloved?”

Song of Solomon 8:5.

I miss him.  I miss the Love of my Life.  I had never imagined any stage of my life without him.  There are SO many sweet, beautiful, loving and lovely memories that appear and swirl through my heart and mind.  Unexpected flashes of moments that I had forgotten, yet carrying the emotion and images of a memory.

He was my biggest cheerleader through the years, encouraging and cheering me on as I would step onto new ground, new life experiences, and new ventures.

Nearly crippled by fear the first time I headed to the Great Desert, my literal wilderness, I was panicking and trying to convince myself (and him) that this was only a test by God to see how far I’d go in facing my fears.  He calmly spoke words of truth to my frantic heart. I went….with his love and blessing.

I miss him.

And I was telling God how much I miss him.  Tears came.   Standing in my little kitchen, with a papertowel catching the tears, my heart whispered, “I miss being held.”

Within a heartbeat, I sensed God’s Presence so very near, and heard His gentle Whisper,  “I Am holding you.  I Am here.”

The Whisper continues . . .

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