Doing Everything

“The Lord will do everything for me.

O Lord, your mercy endures forever.

Do not let go of what your hands have made.”

[ Psalm 138:8 ]

I need a lot of help.  With practically everything I’m doing these days.   Since my husband transferred to Heaven, I realize many times a day all that he had done for me each day.  Now that it’s all up to  me, I have become excruciatingly clear on all that he had taken care of for me.

How do I tap into this statement from David?   What does that look like….for the Lord to do everything for me?   What I am most in touch with are those practical, tangible, everyday needs of life….tasks….provisions….presence.   Everything?

There is no part of my life that He does not know.  Nothing is hidden.  Nothing is “too much”  for His awareness, mercy and care.

Is it a ticket to get everythingI want, or think I should have or deserve?  I don’t see any examples of that in His Word.  But, everything that truly matters in this life . . . in the perspective of Eternity, is within the parameters of “everything for me.”   As is true with children, they need a lot of help.  Yet, a loving parent senses when their “help” is doing their child no favors. The child will need to have the skills and experience to walk through life using the training they have been given from experiencing life on this planet.

Knowing that His Hands have made me, and that they will continue to hold me no matter what may come, is an amazing Mercy.  I am not immune to this fallen world’s affects.  But knowing that He is near…holding me…is the greatest Mercy I can imagine.  The natural cycle of life. . . learning to crawl, walk, and run will continue to repeat again and again.  But His Hands continue to be my cradle.

It has something to do with His Mercy.  A “forever” kind of Mercy….a Mercy that will last and go on without end.  Mercy is active in sparing us from experiences that would be beyond what we could bear.  Mercy is in the midst of experiences which make us feel that it’s just too much.  Yet, we survive and walk….stumble….crawl through them.  And the next time the unbearable happens, we look back on the last time, having survived it and come through it a bit stronger than before. That process goes on and on, gently creating in me a sense of His trustworthiness…His strength that never weakens….His Mercy that surrounds me in this world of sorrows, tragedies, and loss.

A cry from my heart calls out once again.  I grasp for His Hand… again.  I cling tightly to His Hand….the Hands that made me, formed my life, guided my steps, and strengthened me to move on. . .  one step at a time.

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