Imitate Me as I Imitate Christ…

       “Imitate Me as I Imitate Christ…”

                                                  1 Corinthians 11:1

He’s 3 years old, and loves to hang out with his “Omi”  (Gramma….me.)   He wants to do what I do, “help me”, and be close.   He loves to ‘nuggle’ with me and has a funny little compulsion to slip his icy little fingers up into my warm armpit whenever he can.  (It always evokes a spontaneous “AAAHH” of surprise from me!)

This morning, as I was having my quiet time, he slipped into my room to see what I was doing.  I had to leave for a minute, but when I came back, I found his little rocking chair had been carried by him and placed next to mine, and a little footstool beside it with his drawing papers, a crayon pouch, and his little grey, plastic “alien-buddy” waiting for him.   He was ready.  Although uninvited, and without a word, he was ready to join me in my daily routine of “time with Jesus.”

The sweet simplicity of his quiet preparation for our “quiet time” together was so sweet!   I chuckle every time I think about it.   There was no “lesson preparation” on my part for having a

Devotional time with him.  There hadn’t even been a thought on my part to include him.  Yet, here he was….ready to join me in my time with God.   

May my eagerness to “do what Jesus does” be as pure . . . with the childlike simplicity He taught us:   “Follow Me . . . Come near to Me . . . Do what I do . . . Love like I have loved you.” 

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